lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Are you ethical when you use technology?

"The machine, a measurement error has come to warm the stomach of man, but has cooled his heart" Miguel Delibes

So you can answer correctly will be necessary to define the term "ethics". According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) ethics is the "set of moral rules that govern the conduct of the person in any walk of life"; so, ethics is the character of a person who helps his work with responsibility and following what is right.

In recent decades we have witnessed enormous changes in the area of technology. Currently, we are engaged in a process more rapid scientific and technological development that reaches all areas of life.

The technology has been developed with seemingly beneficial purposes. However, their use may be selfish purposes that violate the rights of others. In short, we are on the threshold of what is permitted and what morally acceptable move is, but it is not to fail at this point the technology but who uses and abuses his chances.

But the question remains what is considered right and wrong and why that one is can be guided by the dictates of the law. According to Smith in his publication of "Information Ethics" mentions that is linked to the use we give to intellectual, free or restricted information, decision-making and actions taken are qualities that highlights a professional and be honest or dishonest.
To understand it better, different situations ethics in IT were presented:

Privacy The search for information becomes easier, but companies can make use of your personal information.

Property La piratería, al hacer uso de programas sin autorización o descargar música, videos u otros medios que no se deben de compartir en primer lugar por derechos de autor.

Respect Anonymity and not directly see the person, motivates regularly send emotions that would not be made, which could become aggressive or threatening.

Credibility Finding a source of information on the Internet, sometimes it is not known whether it is true or false.

Companies face more competitive changes, so that information technology is a decisive factor to be number one. However, is there really a conscience about what is the optimal use of technologies? Or is the desire and ambition to achieve greater outperform the competition? The result also dishonest directly affect customers and the confidence of these to the company, which could have an effect which can not be recovered.

So in conclusion we can say that in the end, the decision is in the hands of those who make use of information technology. It could be unethical competitive but still a deception that would not last, the ideal is to establish ethics in our company, our colleagues and thus have pride in what we create. Revolutions, as mentioned above, bring changes but there are certain things they can not change such as ethical and moral principles on which it is based and supports every society.


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